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Thread: I want a free Springfield Armory Coffee Mug

  1. Coffee Mug

    I'd love one!

  3. I think i would love a springfield armory travel coffee mug.....

    I mean,being javabum an all should say "Now theres a coffeeaholic"
    I'm just saying............
    Stupidity Should Hurt.....Immensely

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    Gimme that mug! Please! Thanks!

  5. I would like to add my name to the list of folks who want that mug....but I want it lots more than they do. Please? God Bless.....

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    Mug me, I promise I won't shoot! Although it would go nice with my Springfield 1911A1 MIL-SPEC. I'll send a pic if I win!!!
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    free coffee mug

    I want a free coffee mug thanks and Merry Christmas.

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    My first post! I would love a SA mug, even though I am an M&P guy for the carry.

    I just love things that offend the anti-gun crowd, so I would put it to good use.

    ok, I guess I really should finish the profile now and post in the new member thread.

    just another lurker,

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    I own one, and carry one....I would like a mug also please

  10. i would like a mug.

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    I really really NEED a mug please!!!

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