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Thread: Would you shoot at a fleeing bank robber like this guy?

  1. Shoot the Robber??

    It's just paper, not worth my life nor the cost of an attorney to represent my good intentions. Give it up and memorize the details.

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    Shooting at a fleeing suspect is stupid and risks the lives of bystanders. The threat is over!...Its only Money...Let Um Go..

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    Why shoot

    I would not even consider shooting. The threat is over. It is important to remember every bullet you, (or someone else), shoots hits something, or lands somewhere. Think about the fact that you are shooting down or accross a city sidewalk, street, think about where the bullet could land -- it won't lodge in a tree or bury itself in the ground. Your brain should be in gear before you reach for your gun.

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    No way! To much risk in doing something like that.


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