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Let me know how you like your Glock 27. I have one and love how accurate it is, but it sure beats the hell out of my hands for being such a small 40.
Still getting use to it. I had to buy the Pearce Grip extension so that I could get a better grip to help control the recoil or that is what I am telling myself so that I can have a place on the grip for my little finger and an extra 2 round of ammo. It helps a bit with the recoil but my shots are still to the left about 2 inches. But I figure I can correct this with enough practice putting rounds down range on target. As you stated it is accurate but only at 3 yards for me every yard after that it walks left an inch. But that is due to my lack of skill not the gun's lack of accuracy. I believe this could be fixed by putting in a ghost 3.5 trigger but since the gun is used I don't want to add anything to it. So I will just have to strengthen my hand muscles to handle the 5 pound trigger pull.