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Thread: Why is .45 the new 9mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billv View Post
    This statement in red may not be correct. This is not directed at this poster so don't take it personally. The OP of that info may be incorrect.

    ..... snip.....

    I don't want to be hit any of these things at these speeds.

    Pardon the physics lesson.
    No problem.

    As for getting hit by those things, I agree. I want to be on the sending end and not the recieving end of the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone1964 View Post
    Blah Blah Blah.. ya know theres a saying.. I'd rather be shot by an idiot with a .45, Than a marksman with a 9mm.. shot placement gentleman shot placement. Hell a .22 will kill ya if it hits ya in the occular cavity. who here thinks they can put a .22 round in the occular cavity at defensive distances???
    Yes... That's the ticket. Shot placement is the key. There is no magic bullet...

    The Myth of Energy Transfer

    I do like the .45 for the muzzle aperture diameter intimidation factor..

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  4. Well I am new here but.....

    Guess I should just weigh in. I carried a 45acp 1911 compact for many years.
    After Heart surgery the 45 created a buzz in the stainless wire in my chest when fired. No big deal but distracting. I went to the 40 SW round and was fine. I now carry either a Para LDA or my Belgium HighPower both in the 40 cal.

    As to a 9mm my thoughts are simple. If needed god forbid I must shoot you I would rather hit you with a 4x4 rather than a 2x2 if ya know what I mean. Regardless of your caliber of choice the decision should be one you are comfortable with and can shoot under stress well with. A 22 is better than throwing rocks but but either way you better be able to hit what ya need to.

    Pesonally I believe mag capacity is over rated. If ya need more than a couple rounds you are in a war not a self defense situation and most likely dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShooterRick View Post
    Pesonally I believe mag capacity is over rated. If ya need more than a couple rounds you are in a war not a self defense situation and most likely dead.
    So, do you just give up?
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    I like the 45, it feels better to me when I shoot it than the 9mm. Use what makes you happy. That will make you a better shot and that's what really counts.

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    I think that even firearms can follow certain trends - which are effected by a number of things - from politics to ammo technology. I find myself carrying a .380 auto lots of the time. Ten years ago that was not the case. Personally, I would not want to stop a BB let alone a 230 grain round. I still feel that shot placement is still the most important thing to remember. JMHO.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    So, do you just give up?
    Not what I meant to suggest. I suggest anyone that carries be well enoeph trained to hit the target. Under stress this can be more difficult than you can imagine. That means anyone in my opinion, should be diligient in there practice and training. If anyone makes a decision to carry a firearm they should seek out a good training program not just the minimum required to qaulify for a CCW.

    Those of us that carry have made a decision in our minds to potentially take someone elses life. That is huge and therefore I believe I have a responciblity to be as prepared as possible. While nothing can completely prepare you for a real life situation there are some great instructors that can get you close.

    If you have say 10 rounds as an example. By the time you get to round 7 the aggressor or you are probably dead or fleeing the scene. Even if they have say a AK by the time you point shoot 3 rounds it is most likely over one way or the other. Of course there are exceptions to every thing but most likely it is over. Remember most self defense situations are within a 30 ft distance.

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    What if there are multiple aggressors? I like my chances better with 25 rounds than with 6 or 10 rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    The pistol I use for home defense is a full-sized .45. Being a large gun, the recoil is manageable and I can get pretty accurate double-taps out of it. Living in S. Florida where light clothing is the norm most of the time, a big .45 isn't always the most appropriate or convenient choice for CC. I have a subcompact .45 but the recoil is much more harsh than the full-size and as a result any follow-up shots aren't nearly as accurate. Because of this I usually carry a 9mm sub or sometimes a .380 pocket gun. For me they're far more accurate than a .45 when it comes to subcompacts. I'm of the school that smaller, well-placed shots are better than larger, less accurate ones.
    I agree with you completely B2Tall, while I don't own a full size .45, I do carry a subcompact .45 that I carry daily during the colder months. Other times I pocket carry my 9mm and/or my .380.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hp-hobo View Post
    What if there are multiple aggressors? I like my chances better with 25 rounds than with 6 or 10 rounds.
    You get 25 rounds in one mag?????

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