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Thread: Pistols for Left-Handed Shooters

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    The Charter Arms Southpaw .38 snubbie is a very good CCW gun, and is the ONLY left-handed revolver out there
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    I too am sinister, and have mainly carried Glocks like you do. But any pistol with an ambidextrous safety would serve just as well.

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    CWC for Left Handed Folks

    Given that a CWC doesn't need to be a cannon nor a bear hunter's pistol of choice, I'd recommend any light weight 38/357. Self defense is usually very short distances otherwise it may cross the line of duty to retreat.

    The best ambidextrous in my opinion would be the SW 340 PD if you can handle the price, or something along the 13 oz weight and definitly a revolver for simplicity and safety. That's what both my wife and I carry whenever we leave the house. They (SW Titanium) are a bit pricey, but considering the the reason for having one - it's easily justified.

    Cheap shooting for FAM firing with .38, and can be loaded with impressive self-defense rounds.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Most likely 9 mm. Will consider 45.

  6. lefty to lefty as well

    Well, I too am a lefty. My Glock 26 is awesome - as are all the Glocks I've owned and carried. The G26 is mostly my EDC gun, but when I need something smaller I'll go (lately) to the Charter Arms Southpaw snubbbie. I carry either of these in a smart carry, so nothing changes year 'round.

    But, like now, in the winter - I'm also carrying my Ruger LCR in my coat pocket - due to too many layers to get to the Glock...pull, point, shoot...or shoot from the pocket as it has no external hammer to get hung up.

    The Ruger jumped into the carry rotation - when it came out - over an older S+W hammerless I used to carry in the winter, just for weight savings and I like the LCR's smoother trigger pull.

    No external safeties on any carry gun for me, and lasers on any of the 5 guns I own that I'd consider carrying for protection - these two (personal) rules have led me to a selection of guns I've been very happy with for many years now.

    I'd consider what you value most in a gun - make your own ablsolute rules - and then find, train with, and carry what fits your personal rules. Good luck and happy shooting!

  7. Might take a look at the Bersa UC series in 9,40 and 45.
    Thunder 9, 40, and 45 UC Pro Series

    I've never shot one, but I have held a few and they fit my largish hand pretty well. The folks over at Bersa Chat seem to really have a passion for the 9.

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    I'm a lefty also. I have a Kimber Ultra Raptor that is an excellent carry gun. Ambi safety, it shoots like a dream. A little pricey is the only downside.

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    Sig Sauer P250 has ambi mag release and no safeties, DAO, and converts from 9mm to .40S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP.

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    I'm a lefty and am having ambi thumb safeties put on my new Kimber PC II. yeah, they are pricey, but you get what you pay for. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    left hand s&w 40 c

    i have a w&s mp series 40 c. the mp series comes with an ambidextrous slide stop. reversible magazine catch and optional ambidextrous thump safety great pistol

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