Pistols for Left-Handed Shooters
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Thread: Pistols for Left-Handed Shooters

  1. Pistols for Left-Handed Shooters

    I am left-handed and would like suggestions for CCW pistols. I have a Glock 26, and am very happy with it. I'm looking for additional options besides Glock. Thanks

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    Added ambi safety to HK usp c.

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    The Five-Seven has an ambidextrous safety as well as the ability to flip the magazine release. The release comes for right handed shooters, but it is supposed to take a few minutes with the included tool to flip it for left handed users.

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    The Ruger SR series works well for lefties (I am one, have one). The only thing worry about is the slide release, and it can easily be used with your left index finger if you need to.

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    I am a lefty and recommend Springfield XD or XDm series. The slide release is still on the right side, but most people rack it from the rear anyway. It has the mag release on both sides, and trigger and grip safeties.

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    What caliber are you wanting to carry?

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    One word REVOLVER
    How about a Taurus Judge
    SIG P220 CARRY

  9. Left handed CCW

    Any of the Para Ordinance arms with the LDA trigger.

  10. LH wheel gun.

    Checkout the Charter Arms. They have a nice little snubbie in .38 also in Left hand.
    I carry an older normal snubbie. I find that mine is very accurate, ie I hit a golf ball at 25 yards. (Once) I also feel that if I can't solve a problem with 5 shots, six or seven in a lesser calaber won't make much differance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Doc View Post
    I am left-handed and would like suggestions for CCW pistols. I have a Glock 26, and am very happy with it. I'm looking for additional options besides Glock. Thanks
    Have you ever looked at a Walther PPS 9MM. I'm a lefty as well and the PPS is my EDC. I don't have a Glock and being fairly new to semi-autos have never fired one but many describe the PPS as "Glock-like" which to me means that it would be an easy transition for you. The PPS is almost as thin as Kel Tec PF9 (which is not a lefty-gun) and only about a half inch longer. Go here Walther’s New PPS 9mm Semi-Auto Pocket Gun for a really nice review of the PPS. Be sure to scroll down to see a comparison of the PPS to the PF9 and a "snubbie". I pocket carry it when wearing deep pocket pants (Dockers.) The thinness is also helpful when carrying in an IWB holster to allow greater comfort for all day carry.


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