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    I recieved a dui in 2004, first off is there a better portion of this site to seek help? Ok im in erie county, 2 years after the dui and the suspension of my pistol permit i went through the channels needed to have it reinstated. I went before a judge how simply told me no and "would you like me to process this as if you never tried? or would you like to go further?" I did ask him if it meant i couldnt attempt again and he said that i could.. SO i told him make it as if i wasnt here of coarse. So anyway has anyone gone through this and have you gotten a lawyer in my area to help you? I would like to seek legal advice to get my pistol permit back. thank you all Luvsguns00

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    How old are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsguns00 View Post
    I would like to seek legal advice to get my pistol permit back. thank you all Luvsguns00
    Then you should see an attorney. Internet forums are a terrible place to get legal advice.

    BTW, Erie county, what state?

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    1) how old are you?
    2) what state do you reside in?
    3) your wording of the ? tells me that you have not taken the time to ask the state authorities or anyone in the know where you reside, or if you have they have advised you to seek legal council.

  6. i reside in erie county new york, no i wasnt advised to seek legal council im asking for it cause im not going for a second failed attempt. nor am i a un savy gun law citizen. I wanted to ask for assistance in a possible hand in if anyone had been involved in the same issue. As off the wall as this may sound i have the 2nd ammendment as a tatto on my back. Though that doesnt explain to you my love for shooting, hunting. and simply the sport. I can not explain to you enough, the importance. Though im sure you all avid shooters,collectors, and advicates... I simply seek advise... thanks

  7. i failed to include my age sorry im 29 9/8/81

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    First of all, I would move out of New York but don't move to Wisconsin or Illinois. Secondly I would contact the Sheriff's office if you decide to stay in N.Y. and if you have served you time and the record shows that you should be able to be re-instated unless it was a felony dui. Then you'd probably have to solicit a pardon from the Governor. If you do move out of N.Y., wait a year and apply for a permit in the new state.
    Thirdly, and most importantly, decide with strong resolution as to which is your highest priority,the advantage of having a CCW permit or foolishness of driving under the influence.
    I didn't gather that anyone was injured or killed as a result of your dui so that is something to be thankful for (unless there is more to your story than what you've told)
    'til next time, Switch
    "Next to creating life, the finest thing a man can do is to save one." - Abraham Lincoln

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    Details of the DUI in question along with your relatively young age would lead me to believe the judge made a determination that you would not be a good candidate to risk a CCW permit on at this time. Totally arbitrary judgement on his part, but that's his job and we don't have all the facts so are not in any position to make any judgement.

    Having said that, I disagree in principle that any judicial or legal entity has any authority to prohibit otherwise law-abiding citizens walking the streets from carrying.


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