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  1. One more item I have and I'll step down, if you know anyone who had to use a weapon in defence, go and talk to them. They need your ear. Just hang with them awhile, maybe talk about building fences but talk.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Passin Thru View Post
    I am not going into details but having shot at someone I can tell you, IT IS TRAUMATIC!
    I practice all the time, in my sleep, if I can sleep, day time, at breakfast. I am always seeing the invisible guy. I had military training and it did not train me for this. I went to PTSD counciling for several years and still I have nightmares, most of someone chasing me and killing me. Be sure you are RIGHT before you shoot. It's bad enough taht everything is and worse if it isnt. Practice!
    Never having shot someone I cannot fully empathize. I can imagine that it is a stressful, and traumatic ordeal, and I'm sorry that you had to do it. The key words are HAD TO, assuming you were justified (if you weren't you probably would be in prison) it was a decision made by the threat, not by you. If someone pushes you to that point they are leaving you with 2 options as you know: Kill me or I'm going to kill you. The will to live is very strong. You shouldn't feel bad about your actions. People on this board can relate, we all face the possibility of having to do the unthinkable.

    You have some very valuable insight to be offered, and members of this board would likely love to have the chance to hear your story. I know I would. I am especially interested because most people I've talked to that have had to pull the trigger lack emotion, I think its the macho bravado, there is no shame in remorse, or compassion just remember that you HAD TO.

    Good luck and if you decide to share your story we'd all greatly benefit from it.
    Quick to the gun, Sure of your grip. Quick to the threat, sure of your shot. - Chris Costa

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    I found this works really well. Went to Advanced ranges again today, had 5 mags full of training ammo, loaded all 5 with at least 1 empty casing. Some had 2 or 3 while shooting, I would simulate misfires or "stove piping" and of course have to manually pull back the slide before shooting. I tried shooting from as far as 25 yards to 5 yards. Was alot of fun, shot off roughly 500 rounds today. They allowed tactical shooting and everything thing else. Was very pleased.
    All my rounds either came close to the target [silhouette of a gentlemen with an uzi] or made contact of 5 mags, only missed maybe 10 shots]
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    I do my practice shooting at the same range where I shoot IDPA because it's the only range locally where I can practice drawing and from concealment with a live pistol. As that sentence suggests, I do more than 90% of my practice with my EDC drawing from concealment, using a timer, at IDPA targets, keeping records of score and points down.

    I keep records for the session after each draw/fire shot string to see how I'm doing. I practice draw/fire double taps and Mozambique's on targets in sequences of one, two, and three standing still. Then I pick a target, or two, and shoot them in squence while moving right to left, left to right, forward, and backing up.

    For the last year my practice has been oriented around the IDPA classification sequence - it combines short range, long range, moving, and barricade shooting. I seldom practice the whole thing in one session preferring to focus on a particular stage for the entire practice session.

    I find that keeping records (setup, time to first shot, time for sequence, points off, etc.) slows down the session and gives me time to review how that particular string went. I believe keeping track of time and score is critical to effective practice. It also creates a built in review of the string. I think this gives me the most for my momey and time spent practicing.

    I find that at 68 years old, I am good for a really productive 90 to 100 rounds or so practicing on my own using this approach. I could go more, but I don't see the benefit.

    On top of that, I do dryfire exercises 6 or 7 days a week where I unload the 26, leave all the ammo in my study, then move into the exercise room to do the dryfire draw and "snap". I usually do 20 reps of dryfire.

    This winter I've been considering getting the laser gadget that installs in the chamber that flashes a laser dot where the pistol is pointed when the firing pin drops. I haven't been to the range for over 6 weeks because of weather and I can feel myself getting rusty.

    I recently changed from a VM-2 to a SuperTuck because I think the super tuck will let me better conceal the G26 in the summer and reduce the number of days I have to pack the LCP or nothing at all.

    I do not practice drawing and firing from the pocket with the LCP, I practice with that from low ready. I do dryfire practice with the LCP from the pocket, but no live fire.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitch View Post

    This winter I've been considering getting the laser gadget that installs in the chamber that flashes a laser dot where the pistol is pointed when the firing pin drops.

    I have the LaserLyte LT-Pro for my 45. It works.

    They are coming out with on that fits in the chamber -LT-45, LT-9 and LT-40. I have the LT-45 on order, just waiting for LaserLyte to ship them. I'll sell the LT-PRO later.

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    If you want to hear a good recounting of a defensive shoot - watch William Shatner interview Bernard Goetz (the NYC subway shooter from the 80's). He seems to have gotten over it. Interesting stuff...

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