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    Just look at how well gun bans dont work in other nations. In Great Britian since their gun ban, the ammount of stabbings has increased dramatically. So much so, that it was reported, that one needs to show id before purchasing a pizza cutter. Man has been murdering man since the beginning of time. Oklahoma City killed over 150 people, and not one single gun was used. In Australia, since their gun ban, the murder rate increased dramatically. What needs to be looked at is the state of the mental health orginization, at putting those with mental problems in the system. That way, they get caught right in the store attempting to make the purchase. You cant catch someone in the system if their not listed. Do these lawmakers really believe that killers who commit these horrible acts, walk onto a campus worried about breaking the laws. Stricter laws only affect law abiding citizens, and everyone else suffers.

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    I must say the quality of the reporting at CNN is much better right now than it was a few years ago. There was a time where this quote would not have been in the story.
    "Bad guys are going to get guns, they're going to get clips and they're going to do bad things because that's what their intention is. We should not divert our attention from what the real problem was here. We had an individual who has expressed violent intent who clearly had some mental instability along the way," said Rogers.

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    Ridiculous legislation totally ineffective

    I agree with everyone here. I once told someone that people kill other people regardless of what weapon they have access to. My comment was not received well, needless to say.
    I had told him that in absence of a gun, a person could use a knife, club, bat, hammer (any blunt instrument), pick ax, rope (strangulation), and 100s of other weapons. I quote these examples because I watch crime statistics and cases.

    I also mentioned cars and trucks because in Denver, there have been (God only knows how many) hit-and-run deaths in the last 12 months. I mentioned case studies in Britain, Australia, Europe, etc and also carjacking and home invasion cases, both of which seem to be growing in numbers. My comments were not well received because (IMHO) the guy could not come up with a good counter-arguments for my statements.
    People are very uneducated about these stats.

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