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Thread: Carrying a copy of your Concealed Carry Permit?

  1. In MN you must carry the original plastic. The MN Sheriffs Dept website says its $10 to issue a duplicate.

  3. It's common practice in Indiana, to make a photocopy on pink paper... sign, laminate and carry the original and keep the copy in a safe place.

  4. I would never choose to rely on a simple photocopy, and simply making a copy that "looks" like the original smacks of fraud. I might look into obtaining certified copies of your license. It appears under Indiana law you must obtain certified copies from the issueing authority. If you must have copies that might be the way to go. There are other states that allow their notaries public to certify copies but it does not appear that Indiana is one of them.

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    Good old Texas issues a permit the same size as drivers license photo and all. And in any state only the original document will do.

  6. This is what the Indiana permit looks like...

    Keep in mind that this simple looking piece of paper, is a Lifetime Permit... and it costs $20 to get a replacement.

    Staples - pink paper - photocopy and laminate...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Good old Texas issues a permit the same size as drivers license photo and all. And in any state only the original document will do.

    We have a police officer who attends our church, and last night I asked her about this.

    She told me that only the original would do. Someone with only a copy of their CHL would be cited, and their gun confiscated.

    I'm in Amarillo, TX, of course I have no idea about laws in other states.

  8. In Idaho, your CWL is issued by the DMV and looks just like a drivers license. You must carry the original just like you are required to carry your original drivers license (A copy is not worth the paper it is printed on). If you lose your original all you have to do is go to the DMV to get a duplicate.
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    This is an excellent question because it shows the differences in permits issued by the states and the laws associated with it.

    My recommendation is to understand the laws regarding permits in your state. If you are unsure, then contact your instructor (if you had one) or someone well versed in your state's laws.

    Great answers, keep it up folks.

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    I photocopied the original Indiana LTCH and filed the photocopy. Then I laminated the original and that is what I carry. Mine is the lifetime permit and will, no doubt, need replacing sometime in the future. The purpose of the filed copy is in the event I should lose my original I would carry the copy until I could get a re-issue.

    There is no way anyone could believe that the copy I have is meant to fool anyone into thinking it is the original. It is only to show (temporarily) that I do have a license if the original should get lost or destroyed.
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    I have yet to find a copy machine that can do my CCW Badge justice.

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