Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) was on scene at AZ shooting
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Thread: Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) was on scene at AZ shooting

  1. Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) was on scene at AZ shooting

    I looked for this, and couldn't imagine it wouldn't be on the first page of each forum so here it is: sorry if its a duplicate.

    One of the Men Who Subdued Loughner Had a Gun, and He Was Ready to Use It Fox News Insider

    This guy did a service to all of us by keeping a very level, and more importantly MODEST outlook. He easily could have gone the other way and said something stupid like "I wish I would've been there to shoot him" etc. etc. I think it speaks volumes to the character of responsible gun owners. This man did not portray himself as a cop wanna-be, a crazy militia-man, or a trigger happy blood thirsty fool, or other BS stereotype the anti's try to label us as.

    He admitted that he had NO PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION. He made a split second decision to not engage a person holding a firearm because he cognitively recognized that the weapon was at slide lock. While under EXTREME STRESS. This man is a hero.

    I don't know about you guys, but if I had entered a scene in that manner, observed injured and down victims, and saw a man with a gun at slide-lock or not there is a possibility I would've taken the person holding the gun down at gun point. Of course, after the person dropped the gun and it was made known that the person on the ground was the shooter I'd re-engage the correct person. (above is complete speculation)

    Not trying to arm-chair quarterback by any means, in-fact I'm admitting that due to my training I could have made a mistake and pointed my weapon at an innocent person. Obviously due to the other aspects of training I likely would've issued commands, etc. but still a mistake...

    Quick to the gun, Sure of your grip. Quick to the threat, sure of your shot. - Chris Costa

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    Joe Zamudio's response

    Giffords shooting

    When Joe arrived on the scene, the shooter had been subdued. This results in the gun controllers pointing out that fact. But if the shooting HAD continued, Mr. Zamudio's gun was available to respond.


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    Joe did several interviews and was very well spoken. He did indicate that if needed, he would have shot the BG if he had been on scene earlier. I believe he actually stated that he had gone there to see the congresswoman, but stopped into Walgreens first for a pack of cigarettes, then came out as the shooting concluded.

  5. prepared

    I believe that being mentally prepared is a major responsibility in carrying a weapon. You have to be prepared to make a decision in a split second that will have consequences of a life time.

    I am constantly running situations through my brain and maintain proficiency with my concealed carry piece.

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    this guy was not only level headed but did all gun carriers a service. great job!

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    I have thought about what i would have done if i were there it seems that the fellow did everything right. He is a hero

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