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    You didn't see footage of students practicing drawing those weapons did you? Of course, there was no such was quite obvious from the ones who couldn't even clear leather. Just one of the reasons why I'm against these quickie courses allowed by my state (we even allow non-range online competency qualifications!).

    It's just irresponsible not to require range time and teach the students how important it is to be able to assume a firing position rapidly and take advantage of any available concealment.

    I've handled weapons for nearly 40 years, including 30 in the military, and I still go to the range weekly. Part of that time is devoted to rapidly drawing and two-shot firing in a variety of positions and dress. Until the process is intuitive and automatic and you've already worked out in your head what it'll take to make you pull that trigger, you're not prepared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    At least, that's the claim that this video makes...Of course, I think the video is biased, giving someone several hours of training and expecting them to respond favorably to an active shooter isn't exactly a scientific evaluation. No time was given to build physical muscle memory or more importantly the mental prep that goes in to carrying a gun.

    YouTube - Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world, Part One
    First problem with the video. The shooter went right for the test subject pretty quickly. In real life a shooter would NOT have known who was who and could have been shooting at anyone else.

    Secondly, we assume that if concealed carry is permitted on campuses that the odds are that there will be multiple armed students and faculty in any given room. So placing ONE person with a gun in the room was a bit unrealistic.
    If there were two or three armed students in that room the shooter could have been taken down by one of the other two before he shot more kids.
    We're not saying that no one will die if we carry concealed. We're saying that the odds of saving lives improves if we're carrying concealed.
    If guns dont save lives, why dont cops just carry donuts and coffee instead?

    Third. What on earth does this very controlled environment have to do with our carrying out in the real world and our guns not being effective supposedly because of this controlled experiment ?

    Fourthly, I think we ALL know that carrying a gun isnt any remote guarantee of not being shot by a shooter. Cops are trained and they get shot all the time. I dont carry a gun to keep from being shot. I carry a gun to have a better chance of defending myself. In no way to I think Im invincible just because Im packing. If anything I find myself even more aware of my surroundings and trying even harder to avoid bad situations.

    Training for CCW is an ongoing lesson.
    Im three times faster with my gun than I was this time last year.
    Next year hopefully I'll improve even more.
    And even then Im not naive enough to think that I cant be ambushed by someone with a gun and killed.

    My point?
    The video has no point if the claim is that guns are useless.
    If our guns are useless then I submit someone needs to alert law enforcement and the military's of the world of that fact.

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    Well if you're no safer when you concealed carry, I take solace in the knowledge that I will not go alone. And if it's inevitable that I will not survive then at very least the BG will not get away empty handed...I would hopethat I should be able to give him a "lead" consolation prize.
    It may not even be lethal but it will require some 'splaining at a hospital.

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    Almost the most anti gun group there is.

    I do not believe in women leaving their pistols in their purses and muscle memory (already mentioned in one of the replies) is that condition that permites you to do things without having to think things all the way though.

    I am sure we will see more of ABC's anti firearm junk in the future.

    Pat Olvey
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    Quote Originally Posted by OngoingFreedom View Post
    A long time ago my brother introduced me to the game "Stratego". Quickly surmising that he would expect me to hide my flag (the goal) behind a bunch of bombs I placed my flag, unprotected in one corner and the bombs in a protective pattern, in the other. Once he found one bomb he threw soldier after soldier at that corner.

    I won.

    I wonder what would have happened if the trainee, thinking creatively, would have changed seats with one of the other classmates. I KNOW! Wouldn't have been shown.
    Good idea! One thing I like about this site is we are encouraged to think. By the way I love Stratego, played it for almost 40 years and almost always win.

  7. First off, thanks for the video.

    I can produce the same video with the same people and training and prove the opposite. Better yet, it would be interesting to see how a room full of Swat-operators would fare with a shooter like Rob Leatham or Jerry Miculek or a 11-year-old USPSA champion girl.

    It's quite obvious, or should be, that anyone carrying a gun or owning one for self-defense ought to get the training - the more the better.

    It does not take billions of hours to learn the draw. It takes hours in the beginning, but later a ten-minute dry-firing session maintains the muscle memory.

    What the video totally ignored is the fact that with a gun anyone has at least a fighting chance.

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    A quote from Benjamin Franklin

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
    -- Benjamin Franklin

    I did not check to be sure that this is an actual quote but it sounds good.

    Pat Olvey
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azman View Post
    Typical ABC propaganda. I wish ABC would stick to what it knows instead of finding fault in things they know nothing about. I have had to use my useless concealed carry gun to defend myself and my family and I don't think the perpetrators were too concerned whether I was capable of shooting them right there on the spot. I train regularly and my training is what allowed me to persevere in the above said situations. If you don't want to be shorn, don't be sheep! Train as you live and live as you train! Jeeesh, I get worked up when I see this kind of drivel. The above quote is spot on; unfamiliar gun, unfamiliar holster, gangsta tshirt and gloves. Not to mention a total tyro shooter. Why didn't they tie one hand behind his back as well?

    Nuff said!
    Good response, but I would have to ask; What does ABC know well? Dianne Sawyer has made her rep on phony documentaries like this. Sleazy garbage is all ABC knows!
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    ABC stands for "Always Bringing you Crap"
    An armed society is a polite society.

  11. Glad to see everyone is on the same page :)
    Quick to the gun, Sure of your grip. Quick to the threat, sure of your shot. - Chris Costa

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