I got my ambidextrous thumb safety installed on my brand new Kimber Pro Carry II two days ago. LOVE THEM.

As a Lefty, I could have gotten away with the original thumb safety but it was not comfortable.

I called Kimber to ask about them and they said they cost $69.00 and if I shipped it to them it would take 3 - 4 weeks turn-around time. and also $40 to install.

I called my LGS/range I belong to and their gunsmith said he would install Kimber safety's for $79.99 for the parts and $40 for the install and 5 - 7 days turn-around time.

I found Ed Brown safety's at another LGS for $60.00 and they referred me to a gunsmith they know. he gave me his address and he did it for $20 (plus $5.00 for beading them to match the gun, they were shiny and my gun is more of a muted stainless). He did it while I waited and I am more than thrilled. They look totally factory. He also told me Kimber safety's were very prone to breaking.

IF you are in AZ, and need any gun work done, let me know. This gunsmith is the best I have ever seen. AWESOME!!!!!!! Very funny guy too.