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  1. reloading for Glock 27

    I read in a reload handbook that you should not " reload in Glocks or similar guns with chambers that do not fully support the cartridge due to the intrusion of the feed ramp". This does not make sense to me since reloads are sized in both dia. and length with the proper amount of powder. Has anyone had experiance with reloads for Glock/Gloak 27 ?

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    From the Glock Armorer's Manual (p.82):

    Glock pistols should only be used with quality factory ammunition that contains jacketed projectiles and is loaded to CIP/SAAMI/NATO standard pressures.


    Use of non-factory loaded ammunitino or ammunition loaded with non-jacketed (lead) bullets will void the warranty.


    I started reloading last summer and have used them successfully in my own G36.

    NOTE: Common sense dictates that you use EXTREME accuracy if you choose to reload or make your own ammunition!!!

    I'm making 185/200/230gr JHP .45acp and have found my specs to work just fine. YMMV

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    I have reloaded and shot thousands through my G27 and G22. No problems. I use jacketed or plated bullets only. Have had very good results with Berry's brand bullets. I chronograph my loads to confirm that are as close to factory as possible. All my brass is tumbled and inspected before it is reloaded and any brass that does not make the grade (nicked, bent, or looks suspect) gets discarded into the scrap pile. You can shoot lead bullets if you change out the stock barrel. Wolf makes aftermarket barrels that will fit Glocks and I have one in 9mm for my G22. So far I have been very happy with it.
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    Shoot lots of reloads through my 19, goes bang everytime and acts no different than with factory loads.

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    Have shot thousands of reloads in my Glock 19, hundreds in my Glock 26. I know others who have shot tens of thousands of reloads in their Glocks with no issues.

    I use only plated or jacketed bullets. I shoot my Glocks more than all the other guns I own added up, and always with reloads.

    That said, all brass is cleaned and inspected before it's reloaded. The load has been chronographed extensively, hot weather, cold weather, and inbetween - shoots essentially the same as WWB at the same temperature.


  7. Thanks to all who replied. God bless america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was wondering if I could get your advice for loading for G27. I currently load for my XDM .40 with berry's plated 180 gr, acc#5 (5.0) , OAL 1.125 - 1.135 and have had good luck. But I have read informatin about it is a bad idea to reload for glock .40 cal. I would like to buy a G27 but would also like to reload for the G27 as well. Just wondering if you have found any good combinations for the G27 using Berry's plated bullets? Thank for any info, I appreciate it.

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