AZ Massacre Responsible Gun Owner
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    AZ Massacre Responsible Gun Owner

    This is my nomination for video of the year. I have a lot of respect for this man. This is definately one for the Anti's to try and come up with a good excuse for, though I don't think any excuse for why this man says this will be good enough.

    YouTube - AZ Massacre Hero Educates Geraldo on What a Responsible Gun Owner Does In a Crisis
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    Excellent example. This young man made good decisions and had great restraint.

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    Thumbs up I agree

    thanks for sharing...

  5. The 1st interview he did he said when he came out of the store, with his hand on his holstered firearms, the man he saw holding the guy was not the shooter. Apparently, when the shooter had his handgun knocked away from him a bi-stander picked it up and then dropped it after this guy told him to drop it.

    This guy made a lot of good split second choices. He could have easily shot the "guy with the gun". I hope I can make the right choices, as this guy did, if I am ever pressed into it.

    I noticed that after the media heard this guy was legally carrying a firearm most of them stopped interviewing him. I guess so to not put gun owners in a good light.

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