Gunshow proceeds 7 days after Tucson Tragedy
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Thread: Gunshow proceeds 7 days after Tucson Tragedy

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    Gunshow proceeds 7 days after Tucson Tragedy

    Crossroad's of the West Gun Shows have shows in Tucson 5 times a year. Yesterday (Sat Jan 15) was scheduled be their first of 2011. They had debated among their staff to cancel or hold the show. They decided the show must go on. and was very successful so far. They did pause and observe a moment of silence. I'm glad the show went on Not having it would have (in my opinion) sent a message to the anti's. Story below. (well reported I think).

    Giffords shooting: Gun show separates itself from tragedy

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    WHY NOT? Many people died that same day in AZ and elsewhere in US by violent means. Our soldiers die everyday--does anyone even care--my newspaper, for all its front page stories on AZ, did me a favor and had a column on Page 16A--had to look carefully or you might miss it---does anyone give a damn including the king and queen? Did they visit or ask for a moment of memory this past Saturday when 3 US soldiers died in Iraq? Did our House Majority Leader ask for a moment of remembering in Congress when these soldiers died? Yes I feel sorry for the congresswoman--guess what?--life's a ***** and **** happens. Soldiers in Iraq are not part of this everyday life and when it happens to them they deserve our moment of remembrance every single day. You want to call off a gun show, do it when soldiers die--that I can understand--, not when a congresswoman is wounded--that is not a reason, it is a patronizing pile of crap.

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