Numbers up since Tucson Tragedy in Arizona
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Thread: Numbers up since Tucson Tragedy in Arizona

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    Numbers up since Tucson Tragedy in Arizona

    I talked with two friends over the weekend. On works at a local gun store, and tells me their sales have doubled in handgun sales since the day of the shooting, and their CCW classes are booked up a month out. Even though AZ is a constitutional carry state, many people still want them so they can get the training , he said.

    I also checked other instructors who said the same thing, the other friend works in the department that issues the CCW's for AZ, and said from Dec 15-31, they had 131 applications for CCW, from Jan 1 -7 they had 11 since Jan 8th, they have had 238 AZ typically delivers the permits in 5 days, I am guessing it might take longer this month.

    The other friend said that 3 businesses he used to do business with but put up no gun's sign's have taken them down.

    Thank GOD it seems more American's are arming themselves. It's long past due.

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    I would expect more of this even without the unfortunate incident in Arizona. With budget cuts and law enforcement on the chopping block in many locations, as well as many non violent crimes being ignored, we the people are for the most part on our own. Add to this early release of no violent criminals to make jail space for violent criminals, hello, what do you expect. Then you have liberal judges that believe it's cruel to lock people up like animals. The list could go on.
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