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Thread: If 1 in Chamber, reuse round how many times?

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    Couple of things:

    I load the chamber by racking the slide and loading the top round from the magazine. Then I add one to the magazine in the G26, I don't add a replacement to the magazine when I'm carrying the G19.

    It is tempting to slip the round in the chamber and let the slide close on it. Bad idea for two reasons: First, the extractor can be damaged being slammed over the rim of the round which doesn't happen when the round is stripped from the magazine. Second, the cartridge rim can be damaged by the extractor to the point where it won't extract.

    When to stop chambering a particular round? When it is damaged or shows any sign of getting shorter from being repeatedly pushed into the feed ramp. I don't clear and reload my carry gun very often. For example I don't do it daily. I go to the range for IDPA practice once a week, sometimes more often, when the weather allows it. Between practice sessions the round in the chamber may get rechambered once, when I clean the gun.

    I check the length of the cartridge that will be chambered before I put it in the magazine, and look for damage to the bullet nose. I shoot all my carry ammo once a year and replace it - not sure why other than to be sure the gun still cycles it. So far I've never had to set aside a round that was loaded in the chamber because of either damage or looking like it might have gotten shorter.

    That doesn't mean it can't happen, it can, and I watch for it, but it hasn't happened to any ammo I've loaded in my Glocks.


  3. Interesting info. I had been wondering this my self. I fly every week and always take my semi auto. That's twice each trip on when I leave and one when I come back plus the reload when I arrive. Clean lint out every week and inspect so the top two rounds get rotated into the top of the mag several times a week. I have looked at them and can not see any damage and length appear to be the same as other rounds. I do always load from the mag and then remove the mag and add another round (aways the same two rounds getting rotated). I have heard of extractor damage from just putting one in the pipe and letting the slide go.

    Anyone else empty/reload a semi this often? If so, how often do YOU change out the rounds??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry561 View Post
    As a rule of thumb I will always load my mags with the practice ammo and leave the Personal defense round in the chamber. I will shoot this one first and note the (first shot placement of the defense round)..,.This is going to be the first shot that is deployed at the BG. I know there is minimal difference between practice and defense ammo(as far as POI) but its just good to know.
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who does that

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