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  1. Gun Magazines (The Reading Kind)

    Anyone know of some good magazines that would have guns, tips and tactics, and trainning tip for an wide verity of weapons, from long guns to handguns. I was thinking about SWAT magazine but around here cant seem to find a copy to see if thats what I'am looking for.

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    Guns n' ammo works for me.

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    Well, you can download free copies of GUNS MAGAZINE at this site:

    Digital Editions | Guns Magazine

    Also American Handgunner:

    Here's a third: American Cop:

    Can't get much cheaper than that. After you download the .pdf file, you can click on ads and be taken to their internet sites. I guess that's how they pay for the digital magazine.

    Works for me! (There is also a few other mags that do that too.) Google and check around to find them.

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    I like to read "Combat Handguns" magazine. However a lot of people jokingly reffer to that magazine as "Custom 45's" magazine, because a lot of their articles focus on customized 1911's. They do include a holster article, knife article, and old west article in every issue, FWIW.

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    Well any (Gun) magazine can be useful. There are good ideas everywhere.
    I read Combat Handgun,SWAT Magazine.I know what you mean about not being able to find SWAT Mag. I had to subscribe to it to get it.
    Its Better To Have It And Not Need It Than To Need It And Not Have It.

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