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Thread: SIG P-220 Compact & Hornady TAP!

  1. Is this a NIB SIG?
    SIG brand mag or aftermarket?
    I have had this problem with a couple of aftermarket mags not for SIGs but for other brands of pistols.
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  3. Brand new SIG P-220 Compact (and magazines) and new Hornady ammo. (4 boxes)

    It works great in all my other P-220's so must just be the Compact's magazine is made a little closer to minimum tolerances?
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  4. and for sure the standerd mags don't work with comp? I like glock for this reason back up to 22 is 27 and mags work 22-27

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    There's a thread on THR (found it with a google search for "saami specs for .45 auto") that a guy started about some 230 gr. XTP's he bought being way over 1.275" . He swears his mic is dead-on, and they measure 1.34" - 1.36" .

    I'd bet the compact mags are a tad smaller, like you said, and evidently, Hornady loads 'em long, too. Sorry they won't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. SIG View Post
    Like most of us, I have several brands of ammo around that I have either tried or am planning to.

    I picked up a SIG P-220 Compact last week and thought I would load up some Hornady TAP ammo and give it a try... IT WOULDN'T FIT IN THE MAGAZINE!

    Oh the first round did but at an angle. The problem seems to be it's too long for the magazine! It does however fit in a standard P-220 magazine.

    This is a first for me!
    Sounds like what happened to me with a Kimber mag. Took the floorplate off and found out it was a .40 cal. This was from the factory.
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  7. Comparing these rounds to other brands it looks like they are a little longer. I think I need a micrometer! ;)

    No problem with the magazines not being right, I've bought a few more and they're all the same.

    I fired two boxes of the TAP in my other three P-220's and one Springfield and they fed fine.

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  8. Sarg get a gluck it will eat anything. It really surprise me that the compact won't take 220 fullsize mags.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Sarg get a gluck it will eat anything. It really surprise me that the compact won't take 220 fullsize mags.
    My Sig 245 takes Sig 220 mags with no problem! Doesn't the 245 classify as a Compact? I was looking into getting the 220 Compact because according to the Sig brochure the same magazine can be used in both. I figured that I can use my 245 accessories for either pistol. I called Sig to order wood grips for my 245 and was told that the frames differed between the two pistols in certain locations. Yes they can us the same magazines but no they can not use the same grips!!! I ended up getting the Sig 220 Carry-R SAO. Great pistol!! :D

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    Good information too know.I owm a full size Sig P220 45.

  11. Mystery solved.

    Looking at my P-220 Compact magazines, (same magazine as a P-245), I noticed that the very front of these magazines at the top is where the Hornady TAP bullet hangs up. The bullet has a large hollow point and sits ever so slightly taller than other ammo I compared it to. The reason it fed in my other P-220 magazines I think is due to the magazines being used and the top rounded portion of the magazine tube isn't as tight as the new P-220 Compact magazines. The standard P-220 magazines do indeed fit the compact as mentioned by slowfire. The P-220 Compact looks like a P-245 frame with a P-220 Carry SAS slide.

    Still, until Hornady seats these rounds deeper, I wouldn't recommend them for personal defense in a P-220 as the bullet could hang at a critical moment in the magazine.

    I plan on contacting Hornady and explaining this to them and see if it has already been addressed or not.

    I'll report back with what they say! ;)

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