SIG P-220 Compact & Hornady TAP!
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Thread: SIG P-220 Compact & Hornady TAP!

  1. Angry SIG P-220 Compact & Hornady TAP!

    Like most of us, I have several brands of ammo around that I have either tried or am planning to.

    I picked up a SIG P-220 Compact last week and thought I would load up some Hornady TAP ammo and give it a try... IT WOULDN'T FIT IN THE MAGAZINE!

    Oh the first round did but at an angle. The problem seems to be it's too long for the magazine! It does however fit in a standard P-220 magazine.

    This is a first for me!

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    I've never tried any of their ammo but planned on getting some on my next ammo order.

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    It seems to me, if it is longer than standard ammo, it would end up causing other problems. I have never tried the Hornady. I usaully load my own if I am going for anything other than cheap stuff. However, I guess it would have surfaced by now if it was truly a problem.

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    My P220 mags are a snug fit with most factory ammo. I have to be real careful with OAL when rolling my own. Sorry to hear about that.

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    Never heard this before, but will keep it in mind. I have a couple of friends that carry one.
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    is this a ammo problem or mag . Are the mags for the 220 fs and compact interchageable like Glock?

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    I use Hornady TAP 230 grain +P in my Ruger P-345. Never herd of this before, must be a mag problem. Need to try to put these rounds in another 45 mag and that should tell if this is a bad box of ammo or the mag.

  9. Question I've Used alot of Hornady Tap 200gr. 45 ACP

    I've use it in just about all of my 1911's and Glock 30. The 200 grainers shoot like a target gun in my Springfield Micro Operator. Sig mags can be pretty tight lengthwise if I'm not mistaken. I don't own a P220 compact, but I do own a couple of P220's and a P245, and the TAP's work in both. Just tried 'em.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by 1911 Bubba View Post
    but I do own a couple of P220's and a P245, and the TAP's work in both. Just tried 'em.
    Same here, I own both and have not had any problems. Let us know what you find out. This might be information that all Sig .45 owners might benefit from. I'm glad that you posted your problem. :D

  11. Yeah, TAP works with everything except the P-220 Compact magazine. My Cor-Bon, GoldDot, SXT and Hydro Shock ammo all fit the magazine fine.

    I think Hornady just went a little high with the bullet when seating it.

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