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    In order to hijack this thread and comment on all the talk about watching people die. When I first got out of college I started with a company that had a lot of WW II veterans as employees. One of the interesting things I found was that those that served in the Navy liked to talk a lot about their war experiences and those who served in the Army rarely if ever talked about it. One day I asked a fellow if he ever killed anyone in the war. He said, "No, but I loaded a lot of bombs on planes that did kill a lot of people". I could tell that the ones that were up close in the fighting were greatly affected by the sight of men dying and even those on the supply end were. My Father-in-law was a supply truck driver and never talked much about it at all. However he did have a nightmare one night and almost broke his wife's back in his sleep thinking she was a German soldier.
    Just out of curiosity, if he never talked about it, how did you know what was going on in this nightmare?

    Also, since Vietnam, it has not been like WWII, the Navy has seen nearly as much ground/land combat as other branches. This is based on the extensive air, river, and spec war support to all branches. There is no real distinguishing between the branches anymore. We all do/did the same jobs. And the reason that most combat vets don't trust people in general is because of them spreading hear say stories about someone they know that did something that was completely crazy after they got home from some conflict. Whether you realize it or not, those stories are the reason that far too many Veterans are treated so poorly. Anyone who has lived through the hell of defending this country knows that even if you make it home safe, you have given your life for your country. And those that have never been there, don't realize that stories like the one you told here can cost jobs, end relationships, keep parents away from children, and create a consecutive hell for those that fight for your freedom. It is purely offensive for you to say things like this. Not every vet who has nightmares is like Rambo, headed out to the woods to take out 5000 people because he couldn't stop to get something to eat in YOUR town. You ask any veteran that was honorably discharged and they will tell you it does not matter what branch someone was in, a vet is a vet Period! And vets stand shoulder to shoulder and back to back 100% of the time.

    The course of taking a human life is devastating for 99% of those that have to do it. Whether they admit it or not. The truth is that even those who have had to do so in civilian life, have a whole new appreciation for wishing that they never ever have to do it again. And until you are put in that situation, there is no amount of training or appreciation that you could ever have, or that would ever prepare you for the devastation involved in having to defend yourself and taking a life in the process. And in my opinion, it is unfair to speculate.
    .... And let the one having no sword sell his outer garment and buy one. ~God Wisconsin

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    Just out of curiosity, if he never talked about it, how did you know what was going on in this nightmare?
    He told her what was he was dreaming when he woke up. He had his knee in her back and hands on her shoulders trying to break her back and she did have trouble with it from then on. I say he never talked about it but I should have said seldom and never in detail. The only things he ever told were some "funny" stories such as how they loved it when they got canned peaches. I meant no disrespect to anyone who served in any military rather just an observation about the difference between those that served in the Navy and Army. You are correct about Viet Nam being totally different as then it was no longer those older than me but those my same age and some of my very good friends. When Viet Nam war ended I was scheduled to be drafted in the next monthly round and was not. The stories they shared with me were different than those of WW II but still the details of actual war were seldom told.

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