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    I have lots more, let me know what you need and I am sure I have a few to fit. lol
    .... And let the one having no sword sell his outer garment and buy one. ~God Wisconsin

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    New Orleans, LA

    Memberships: NRA, GOA, USCCA
    Guns: Glock 26, Ruger LCP, Beretta 90-Two .40, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9MM, Beretta Tomcat, Bushmaster Patrolman M4

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    Thumbs up

    My small collection!

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    One of my favs is this one!

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    my 686-3 6"
    Dacono CO
    CCW, Ruger LCR, Winchester 94, S&W 686-3

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    My CZ with conversion kit. Highly recommended.

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    My new Sig 229

    Just got this yesterday. Used Sig 229 DAK. Dept. of Corrections gun $395.

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    New addition to my arsenal

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    My Ruger family of handguns.

    Ruger SR40

    Ruger SR9c

    Ruger SP101 with Crimson Trace Grips

    Ruger P95 - 9mm

    Ruger LC9

    Ruger Single Six .22LR/.22MAG

    This is just my Ruger handgun collection.
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    Here is a picture of my newest addition to the family, a Para Ordinence Hawg 9. Another all steel pistol. Just can't make myself like the poly pistols.[IMG][/IMG]
    kerstingm, NRA Member, CCW Permit,CZ 75B, CZ 75PCR compact, Kimber Ultra Aegis II 9mm, Kimber Ultra Raptor 45, Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm S/C, Sig P229, Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Mag, Taurus PT1911, DPMS AR15, Mossberg 930 SPX 12 Gauge, Beretta AL 390 12 Gauge

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