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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomboy007 View Post
    Congratulations! What an awesome win.

    Now for the bad news.....

    You won't find a Knoxx Stock that will fit your shotgun because it is an autoloader. those stocks are really, really amazing at reducing recoil. so much so, in fact, that autoloaders will not cycle. I highly recommend Knoxx Stocks, but only for the pump guns.
    This is what I have found that I can't get the Knoxx stock. After shooting it The recoil isn't half of what my Remington 870 20 gauge. I did however see the 2011 930 SPX in the Mossberg catalog and they are showing it with a pistol grip attached to the stock. I have emailed them to see if they sell it separate,

    Thank you again to everybody for the great comments. I am still so excited about winning this.
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    Wow, that's all-around home defense in-a-box! Nice score.

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