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    I bought a Springfield ~35 years ago. I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with it. I took it back to the guy I bought it from and explained my experience. He loaded it, shot it and looked at me. I knew it was operator error then.

    I hadn't touched a 1911 style pistol until late last year when I bought an American Classic II in hard chrome. It turns out that not only does it look good, it's an excellent shooter. I have since added a Kimber Ultra Carry Pro. The ACII shoots just as well, but the Kimber is a real good looker. I owned a Rock Island briefly and it shot OK also. I'm now a big fan of the 1911.

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    I have had eight Kimbers and they all have been great. I recently held a Ed Brown Kobra Carry and fell in love again.It should be arriveing soon. That said,I will suggest trying as many different manufactures as you can ,and then decide.I carry a Kimber Super Carry Ultra now and it has been great. I also like to rotate my weapons from my three inchers up to a full size Kimber Eclipse Custom II.............

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    I've got two 45ACPs

    Top left is my new full size XDm 45 - bottom right is my daily concealed carry Kimber Ultra Carry II.

    I just bought the XDm 45, you will find one 1911 just isn't enough.


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    Wow! Les those are some fine looking firearms! I hope one day I find a big bag of money so I can get a few like that. For now I have my two Springfields a loaded and a TRP. One is never enough!

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    I have 2 WWII Remington Rand M1911A1's that I shoot regularly. The 1911 in .45ACP is a great gun, easy to shoot, manageable recoil and easy to take down, clean and reassemble. Shoot one and you'll be hooked!
    Daily carry: Sig P239 or S&W 3913
    High Noon Horsehide holster
    Black Talon ammo

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