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Thread: Spouse's attitude toward your firearms?

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    My wife hates guns and hates that I carry so I just hide it from her concealed is concealed

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    My wife was taught to shoot growing up and accepts guns as a natural part of life. We got our CWP's right after the law was passed in SC. She is the one who got us back to actively shooting a couple of years ago when she started worrying about her proficiency, not having been to the range in a long time.
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  4. Good wife

    My wife has as many, if not more, guns then I have. We both have Oregon and Utah CHL and carry a lot of the time. She encouraged me to try long range shooting (300-600 yards) with a local club and has joined me most of the time. She also has done Practical Shooting at the local club. She has taken Defensive Handgun 1 and 2 classes and encouraged her sons to do the same. Last year she started deer hunting with me and is planning on going Elk huintng this year. We regularrly cruse through the pawn shops to check out what is out there. We have oicked up a few very good deals. She is gust as likely to purchase as I am.
    I am blessed with a wife that not only supports my gun habit but also enjoys having guns and learning more about shooting of all kinds.

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    It is all about jewelery. When she gets hers, be it gold or silver or with diamonds, I get mine, be it 22 or 38 or 380 or 12g

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    My wife carries almost as often as I do. She loves to shoot. She does however tell me that we "have enough" when I start looking at a new one too hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    It is all about jewelery. When she gets hers, be it gold or silver or with diamonds, I get mine, be it 22 or 38 or 380 or 12g
    Same with mine. Whenever I get a new TOY, I get her some kind of bangle to dangle and she's more than happy.

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    What pisses me off about my wife is, everytime I want a rifle, shotgun or handgun she wants her own. She's killing me. And now she wants me to hook up my 2 daughters. Oh well, we do have a platoon size family, may as well be armed. (retired Combat Infantry and 1 daughter ex Army and son still in Army- 4 tours under his belt).

    Be ready my friends

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    Husband is a bit more reserved to the whole idea of edc. Sure mine is where I can access it at night, I do the edc, and always think of what I would like to add next to the collection. He even asked if I would clean his! Honey if you use it you must know how to assemble and dissasemble don't you think? I have also gained lots of info for the forums; very helpful.

  10. My wife is a retired CO and carries under retired peace officers. I got my ccw about six years ago in Calif. and have a Utah ccw when we travel. My wife has a G19 and
    G26. I have a G23 and G27. We carry whenever it's legal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    After two broken engagements, I basically gave up on the idea of getting married. Both ex-fionces knew that I carried and neither seemed to be bothered by it. First one was a Brit, the second a military brat.
    Don't give up yet. There's someone out there, somewhere, waiting for you.

    Myself, I currently have 4 "semi" modern handguns (5th one is on the way, Bulgarian Makarov.) a black powder .36 cap & ball revolver, an Arisaka Type 38 6.5mm, a .22 rifle of unknown manufacture, and a Yugo SKS. My in-laws think I'm obsessed, my blood relatives think I don't have enough. Me, I want more, but my budget only allows moderate growth.
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