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Thread: Spouse's attitude toward your firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fletcher View Post
    .....I haven't gotten her out to shoot with me yet, but she knows the combination to the safe and how to handle the shotgun at least, for the unlikely event something should happen when I am not home. She is on her way to becoming a convert.
    IF/When you do get her to go shooting, I'd suggest starting with something like a .22 that has very little recoil. That way she won't be turned off from it at the start. And if you don't already, you might join a local gun club, and see if any of the women there might help out. I've not seen a gun club yet that didn't have at least one female member.

    Good Luck!
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    That's _super_ advice, Al. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fletcher View Post
    That's _super_ advice, Al. Thanks!
    I try.

    Cause I'm sooper, thanks for asking!
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    An unarmed person speaking of the benefits of gun control is like a
    eunuch speaking about the benefits of sexual abstinence.

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    I'm a lucky guy! Yesterday I asked my wife what she wanted for Valentine's Day, and she said "a new pistol." So we went shooting, and I picked up for her a 1911 .22 cal. She has arthritis in both hands and finds a heavier trigger pull and a slide that's hard to rack pretty painful. I don't have any problems with her liking my guns or not.

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    All my wife ever insisted upon was that after my 1st handgun, that I buy a safe and store all of the guns in it. she was afraid of a thief breaking in and stealing the guns, so I got a safe and I'm very glad I did.
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    What I have done is to install a gun safe in my truck. For the bolts that go thru the bottom of the floorboard, have the heads welded to pieces of 1/4 inch steel strips so that they can't be removed or tampered with.
    So, when I need to go into a place that does not allow firearms, I lock them in the gun safe. This method allows me to be armed when traveling about when not in that place of no carry.

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    Thumbs up Fortunate man

    My wife doesn't shoot and doesn't care about guns. The plus side is that she doesn't complain about me having them. Never a negative word about guns, reloading, gun shows, money spent or time I spend involved with same. I am a very fortunate individual.
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    Cool Ambivalent wife

    You guys whose wife likes to tote and shoot are lucky guys. My TX born-and-bred wife dislikes guns, and is grudging about me having a few. I have self-defense pistol for the house, and a couple I like to carry depending on climate. The .380 hides better'n the .40 does. She's all in favor of CCW, and self defense, but just doesn't want to shoot them herself.

    When in AZ not long ago, I enjoyed a couple of days of open carry. She knew, I thought, what that meant. As we were walking past two police officers, she was sure I was gonna get arrested. Of course no issues, no worries. Just an indication what her knowledge level and interest were. Even though I had explained open carry to her, she didn't pay attention.

    So those whose wife is happy to be included - great! If your wife is like mine, then there is more gentle educating to do.

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    My wife didn't mind my guns but really wasn't too insterested until there was a news story about a local lady who was kidnapped and taken out of state. Fortunately she escaped without physical harm, she was extremely lucky. After hearing that story my wife surprised me by saying she wanted a gun and to go to training and then get her CHL. We live in a small town but she has to travel to the big city at least once a month. So she now has .38 spl that she loves and is becoming a good shot with the short time she has had the gun. She told me her instructor said most women are better students and improve faster than men because they listen to the instructor and don't think they already know everything.

    Yeah right, don't we know everything

  11. Quote Originally Posted by vettefreak View Post
    My wife wants nothing to do with firearms, but doesnt mind me having them.
    +1 hates the noise. would not even let me CC (which I do anyways) or keep a gun in the bedroom!! She wants them all in the safe (which they are not). What she does not know won't hurt her.

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