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Thread: Spouse's attitude toward your firearms?

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    Wife or SO?

    She hates guns and thinks guns atre for cops only.
    Got to live with her. Cost too much to leave.
    I wouldn't have a place to keep my guns dry.

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    My wife of 28yrs has no interest in guns. Still she understands that when my brothers and their wives join us for dinner at our favorite restaurant, there will be 3-4 side arms tucked out of sight amongst the 6 of us. She used to say she could tell when I was carrying (IWB), & it bothered her. So I switched to a more compact weapon (S&W642 or Taurus 709), and carry in an inside coat pocket or RF pants pocket, and she never notices. Turns out I like that carry method better, anyway. Sometimes everybody wins.

  4. "You can't have too many high-quality guns." Does it get any better than that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by civilian75 View Post
    +1 hates the noise. would not even let me CC (which I do anyways) or keep a gun in the bedroom!! She wants them all in the safe (which they are not). What she does not know won't hurt her.
    Actually, it's what she doesn't know, won't hurt YOU.
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    Spouse's attitude towards your firearms

    I think if you have a spouse that is supportive yet not interested in carrying a weapon, you should count your blessings and not try to force the issue.

    My spouse has shot my weapons, but has zero interest in carrying a weapon. It isn't that he doesn't feel that he could take a life--it is because he has a temper, and believes that it would be a mistake for him to have a weapon readily accessible. It is a self-assessment that I sincerely respect.

    I think that the hurdle for the majority of those resistant to carrying is that the thought of taking the life of another is not something that they can wrap their minds (and hearts) around. If you can't be comfortable with the idea of pulling the trigger, then it is probably best that you don't carry at all since your hesitation may result in having your own weapon used against you.

    Respect the decisions of your loved ones to carry or not carry. Putting a gun into the hands of someone who won't hesitate when they should, or who will hesitate when they should not doesn't do anyone any good.

    Educate and train your reluctant spouse as much as they are willing to tolerate--even if they don't carry or shoot, the knowledge may come in handy some day.

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    My Wife and I have an agreement..... When I buy one,she gets one too
    Its Better To Have It And Not Need It Than To Need It And Not Have It.

  8. I make sure that my "better half" doesn't have an idea of exactly how many i own... she found out about the S&W .40... got upset... found out about the new 870 TAC3... wouldn't talk to me for a couple of days... figured out about the XD Tactical .45.. scowls for a week. Now i'm waiting on her to find out about my new MR-1 & DPMS .308B... hope the dog doesn't mind the company.

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    Although I have 100% respect for my dear wife, and would respect her, she also respects me and knows I like my gun. She also has hobbies I support. BUT if she could not accept them, they would be gone. She is more important than they are.

    As for buying, I NORMALLY ask before buying BUT, my dad also taught me a wonderful saying.

    "It s always easier to beg for forgiveness than it is is to ask for permission". :)

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    My husband likes all of my firearms. In fact, he liked my XD9 Subcompact so much he bought his own! He also always knows exactly what to buy me for special occasions...for Valentine's Day I got a new XDM 9 Compact. I think I'll keep him!
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    My wife dont mind that i have guns. I let her shoot my P95 for a few mins but she has no interest in guns. Sadly a few months ago i had to sell my P95 for the extra money, After that i went out and spent money on a Ruger 10/22. My next gun is gonna be a SR-22 from Ruger and then I'm gonna buy another P95 for carry and a New England 12G pump shot gun for home defense. all in all she dont care that i have them. Its the money part i cant get away from with her to buy them

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