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Thread: Spouse's attitude toward your firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billv View Post
    Just wondering about others spouses or significant others attitude toward your firearm.
    In the beginning the wife was afraid of guns and the noise. She knows Im a gun nut so she was in no way acting like they couldnt be around, she just didnt want much to do with them.

    There was a day when we wanted to hit the trails for a long walk and I told her I was taking my 12 gauge just in case there was a big gray tree rat that I might see and want to take. She was really uncomfortable at first, but she agreed that if I let her clear the area first that we could go.

    When we got into the woods about half mile or so she stopped on the trail and told me to move up some and shoot the 12 gauge while she stood back and plugged her ears.
    I did and shot into the ground 5 times or so and she didnt panic or anything.

    The next weekend she wanted to try shooting the 12, so we went up to the forest and she ended up shooting it 10 times or so, even a few big magnum shells I had that left her a little bruise. But she did it and she got over her fears herself.

    Since then shes shot my Ruger and has her own 22 revolver as well.

    Shes still a little apprehensive about the noise and recoil but shes definitely not afraid of my guns anymore. She actually wants me carrying when we leave the house because of the PitBull that tried to bite us at our doorstep last year.

    I even had her sit down the other day and do a couple reloads on the press so she gets more of a feel for the whole thing.

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    My wife, as I, is ex-Marine. She has no problem, in fact, it was her idea to get CCW'ed.

    Her first was a 9000-s Beretta in 9mm. She likes the capacity but hard to rack and CC. Got her a S&W .357 snubbie, Christmas '08. (Lady Smith) That's her CC gun, the 9mm is home defence.

    How does the old joke go: "Iffin you buy a gun for your wife for Christmas, you just MIGHT be a redneck!"

    I use a Ruger .357 Snubbie for my CC gun, mostly. The only thing that irks me is.. damned if she can't shoot her snubbie more accurately at all ranges than I can shoot it. That's pretty mortifying for a 20 year Marine that never shot less than expert the whole time with pistols AND rifle.

    Oh well, "Cover my six, Dear!" LOL!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
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    Thumbs up Pinkpistols

    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny View Post
    How does the old joke go: "Iffin you buy a gun for your wife for Christmas, you just MIGHT be a redneck!"
    And if you buy your same-sex lover a gun for Christmas you might be a member of Pinkpistols.

  5. Y'all would have to understand my wife. She's the type that would rather see all firearms dumped & buried deep... but she married a former SF/combat veteran(me), that believes that the only thing keeping us free is the 2nd Admendment. She knows how to shoot but won't touch one of my weapons to save her life. I've found it easier to sneak new "family" members in the back door and get 'em in the gun locker without her seeing them. It's more of a game... when i win, i get P & Q... when she catches me, i have to hear it.

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    I had occasion once, while wrapping up my shopping at a book store and checking out, to happen to drop my NRA card on the counter while fishing for my hardly ever used credit card.

    Clerk, middle aged, chunky female: "Whoa! I guess I don't need THAT! I told my husband that if he ever brought a gun into the house, me and the girl would be gone and he would never see us again. YA da! YA dah!"

    I just smiled, finishing up while listening to her "rant".

    "So, tell me.." I asked, just before leaving ".... is he still living with you?"

    "Of course!", she replies, offended.

    "Tell him for me he's a whimp.", say I, and leave her with her mouth hanging open.

    Now, I am generally rather easy going and non-confrontationalist by nature, but sometimes you just HAVE to give some opinionated jerk with an IQ of a turnip one right between the eyes!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    My wife never says anything about me carrying concealed which I do about everywhere, but I know that she has said she feels safe when I'm armed.. she isn't interested in guns but the fact that she supports me carrying and let's me buy whatever gun I want (layaway is my trick) is more than good enough for me.

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    My wife comes from a liberal Japanese family in Hawai'i. They all hate guns. My wife has been tolerant until lately. I went to Front Sight, and while I was gone, she called at 11pm one night to ask me to train her. I still don't know what happened to change her mind, but something did, in fact, happen.
    Another friend had a scare right about that same time.
    Sometimes it takes a good scare to change a person's mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suecoho View Post
    My husband likes all of my firearms. In fact, he liked my XD9 Subcompact so much he bought his own! He also always knows exactly what to buy me for special occasions...for Valentine's Day I got a new XDM 9 Compact. I think I'll keep him!
    I would like to trade spouses, Suecoho. :)

    Seriously, though, I should not complain. My hubby lets me buy most of what I want ... I just have to do a lot of negotiating within the family budget to get them. It's sort of a game now....he rolls his eyes and asks me "why?" Given the opening, I sit down with my LIST of reasons why and wear him down over time :)

    I'm up to 3 pistols and a shotgun. Up next: maybe some kind of AR....

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