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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    The one I couldn't figure out was the episode where the daughter sold two rifles that look like they had barrels that were less than 12" long. I didn't think that was legal regardless of where you are, but from an above post it appears that it is.
    As I understand it, in the US (which of course doesn't include NY ) You can apply for a "tax stamp" or similar from the Fed, and once approved you can have an SBR (short-barreled rifle). That's how it works with silencers, at least.

    Here in NY, basically everything I've seen on that show is considered illegal - lawmakers here protect the criminals.

  3. From tonight's episode:

    "We can spend 2 days talking about it or 2 days and actually know about it".

    Sure Will. Ignore the only person working for you with more than 3 functioning brain cells. I'm sure brute force is the best way to design a good product.

    "I don't want to lose one meter of range"

    Sure Will. I'll get right on decreasing the barrel pressure while maintaining the same range. Maybe we can find a unicorn to carry the bullet the extra distance.

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    That Vince guy left, supposedly he was their FFL holder...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by towboater View Post
    That Vince guy left, supposedly he was their FFL holder...
    I think Joe or Charlie have the FFL now.

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    Why did will Hayden loose his??

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    That show is soooo stupid!They dont build guns they just modify them. On the other hand American Guns is so much better and the daughter is hotter, this show they make guns from a block if steel to fit the customers needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by towboater View Post
    Why did will Hayden loose his??
    Bad bookkeeping. Apparently he was a few guns short when he got audited. That's another reason why I don't care for the show too much - aside from being an ass, the guy isn't even licensed! He goes around threatening people's jobs when in fact he works for them!

    Like I said......"reality" and "TV" are mutually exclusive.
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    They had a couple of guns that one of they guys messed up and threw away because they were beyond repair. They also had a robbery at some point that caused some guns to go missing.

    They did loose their FFL because of it, and Vince had the FFL for them to be able to continue to operate. They did have a deal where Vince did own the company, but didn't run the company. I don't know what they ended up doing after Vince left, but I believe he has his own gun shop now.

    I wonder if Will will have a chance to get his FFL back at some point or if it's gone forever?

  10. I DVR every show. Like every other show of this type, they script in a lot of drama for entertainment purposes. What they do on the show with firearms, flame throwers, etc., is pretty cool though. DVR and flash forward through the gunk and it's REALLY good.
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    I've heard those guys are a class act. Not from personal experience but people that I know that have stopped there. Nothing but good things at red jacket. unlike gunsmoke.

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