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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Cool giveaway. I even got a little excited about it all even though I wasn't the winner
    Thanks Luke for making the site a good one. And congrats to decotriumph.

  3. congratulations

  4. congrats on the win , we all know that you will enjoy your prize

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    Great Contest


    thanks for the contest and hope you have another.

  6. Will there be another giveaway??

    Sweet little piece!! On sale now in .38 at Cabelas... Not in this months budget.

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    Congrats to the lucky winner!
    We will not falter. We will not surrender. We will prevail.

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    Got to go with the Supertuck right hand for the Springfield XD subcompact.

    I think the Crossbreed is the best conceal holster at any price.

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    Congrats to ya. Enjoy...

  10. Having had multiple back surgeries causing nerve damage to my legs I need a holster that fits without putting undue pressure on my hips and this holster should do just that.

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    BigDawg- here's some ideas

    I have a bad back and I found some things you might like. 5.11 Tactical makes a compression Holster Shirt that puts the gun in a vertical shoulder holster position. Best to wear dress shirt or button-down shirt over that. My tailor turned my buttons into false buttons with snaps behind. Just rip the shirt open and you're ready to go. There are other t-shirt makers with fairly similar products.
    Idea number two: Crossbreed is a fantastic option, I agree with cart1775, but also take a look at Kholster brand.
    Full Moon for Full Sized Guns (over 3.5" barrel)
    The Kholster Full Moon allows the user to rotate the gun to almost any angle you want.
    Both holsters allow you to tuck a dress shirt over the top so that only the belt clips can be seen by a trained observer....And you won't need to wear a heavy coat or sweatshirt over the top.
    There's a couple of thoughts, for what it's worth....

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