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    Sure hope I win need a new one.

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    Thanks for the give away! It would be a sweet concealed carry handgun

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    JSDinTexas Guest

    If it's good enough for the Guv, it's good enough for me

    I would like to have the LCP just like our Governor Perry has. My G20 is getting heavy in my back pocket.

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    I need a chance at this

    A perfect BUG - as of now I don't have one.

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    washington state
    thats fantastic! a real sweet gun.

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    Since my KP90 has been such a great firearm, I feel I owe it to myself to increase my arsenal, and I have noooooooo problem adding an LCP. Pleeeeeese!?!?

  8. Im in the market for a CC. This would be perfect.

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    Hope I win.....

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    Ruger LCP great pocket pistol!

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    Would love to win this one. It would be a great gun for my wife. Then I might get my favorite one back!
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