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Thread: Interesting article re: Kimber 1911 pistols

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    Been shooting and carrying a Kimber for more than 7 years.
    The only problem I ever had with them is when I take my reloads that don't pass muster and use them for practice. But I am prepared for that and expect it to malfunction.
    I do this to actually practice clearing malfunctions . . . . .
    When I use reloads that pass muster I never, NEVER have had any problems.

    As far as factory ammo goes . . . . No Problemo . . . . .
    Both of my Kimbers are full size and I switch off half way through the year.
    I shoot two to three matches a month between March and October.
    I practice in between matches . . .

    Now you have the other side of the picture.
    Good Luck
    "We will have a good government as long as those that govern are effected by those laws that they pass. When those that are passing the laws are no longer effected by those laws then they will no longer pass good laws."

  3. I have read about mud hut villages hidden on Mars, 44-foot alligators, and 95-foot long anacondas on blogs. Call me skeptical: i don't believe what my mind cannot rule as logical. Sometimes, this thinking fails me; most times, it does not.

    I do find more vicious commentary that contradicts logic tied to premium products than to more economical products. The harder things are to acquire, it seems the more fun they are to hate.

    I do believe that Kimber has built some dogs. I believe that every manufacturer with any volume has. I have a buddy who thinks that GOD designed the Glock with no human input. My Glock 23 trigger bar snapped in front of him during a range session, shooting Winchester ammo. It happens. $16 fixed it (way quicker than shipping it to Smyrna, GA). I still own that G23 and 2 other Glocks; they are great tools.

    I have no criticism for anyone who feels comfortable following unverified opinions as known truths. I don't know these stories to be true or false, so I rely on information that I can see and touch.

    And yes, that defines a cynic.

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    I have a kimber classic with no problems with any type of ammo. I read the story before and that department is changing duty weapons every 3-5 years and many think it's more in the politics of the dept. People who have been issued one has the option to buy it and sounds like most were gonna buy it.
    If you served in any branch of the Military, THANK YOU

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    My Ultra Carry II has been perfect since I opened the box day 1. Even with the short tube, it's the most accurate semi-auto I own and my frequent carry gun in colder weather ... I love it, wouldn't trade it except for a fancier Kimber Ultra, and am totally satisfied ... guns are machines, and like cars, can be turned into lemons when the guy putting it together has an off day or is mad at his boss ... I'm keeping mine ...
    "Neatness counts, but bullets often count more." Elvis Cole, World's Greatest Detective

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