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Thread: Your Next Firearm: Semiauto or Revolver?

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    Nikon or a Canon?

    Well...I voted semi-auto because they are what I already own. I have not really fired a revolver so I will stick with my preference. The next firepower I will buy after spending for a new dishwasher (!) will be another rifle.
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    Have both, have used both, preference is 1911, Colt Python 357 both have had repair issues, shoot what you like and are most confortable with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.357Sig View Post
    Damn skippy! That is one very cool looking revolver. Should be hell finding a good holster for it, but I still want one.
    Hell, with a gun as purty as the Rhino, I would't need a holster. I'd just carry it around and stroke it lovingly. ;)

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    i own both

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.357Sig View Post
    Just seeing what the mood is out there. My next gun purchase will be a revolver. Then maybe another revolver, just because they're so damn fun.
    im considering the rhino 357 as my next weapon.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Revolvers work everytime---semiautos do not.
    I've had some interesting failures with both in my short time. Might be a little off-topic, but I'll list it anyhow as it might be useful/interesting to people reading along.

    - Semiauto pistol failure. I have an annoying tendency to absorb the recoil myself (not sure why I do that, but it's a natural reaction I have that's hard to overcome), rather than letting the gun do the work, which results in an immediate feed failure... Also had some feed failures when the gun was really dry (when I first got it, used).

    - Revolver failure. With a brand new revolver, it was failing to fire every second or third shot until I got a box of ammo through it. The hammer would drop, but it would kind of snag/slowdown halfway and not hit with enough force.

    - Semi-auto carbine (AR-15). A malfunction while feeding from the right stack of one particular magazine due to the lip being just slightly out of spec.

    Personally, I like to have a revolver and SA on me... The revolver has an intricate mechanism, but seems to be more tolerant of dirty conditions. However, it really doesn't have the capacity I like (mine's a 5-shooter). I guess that may take 5 shots to incapacitate an individual attacker. SA gives a better capacity (15 for me, wish it was more, but it's probably enough), but is more fiddly when dirty. I like the AR-15 the best, but people freak out if you walk around with one of those, and I don't think they qualify for CCW around here... :-)

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    If I have time (and enough light) the "drill" is to go for the autos at home. In pitch black, I'll grab the 7-shooter, drop the snubbie 5-shooter in my pocket and go for it.

    Reason: I simply don't like having one up the snout in autos, particularly ones that I can't tell if the hammer is in battery. I have been personally close to two incidents of 1911 .45 cal mishaps due to safety failures. Hence my (probably overreactive) caution.

    Wheelguns, you know exactly the "status" of the weapon, light, dark or anywhere in between.

    Personal preference. Nothing more.

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    When I visit a gun shop and/or someone I know has a gun for sale I go by instinct.

    If a certain gun begins calling out to me and asking me to take it home then I know this is the gun for me. There have been plenty of times when I went into my favorite gun store and wandered the case looking.

    But there have been those time that as I walk the case looking I keep returning to a specific gun . . . . It is then that I either turn and run or reach for my check book. Wheel gun, semi-auto, long gun or what have you. It is very important to follow your instincts when purchasing a gun . . . .
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    And who left off the semi-auto revolver off of the list?

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    My next handgun

    Well I did not think what I bought was going to be my next handgun but it is.

    I went to our local gun show in Sharonville, Ohio, (I have gotten a lot of good deals there) and saw an old friend of mine come in the door.

    I went over to say hello and saw he had several pistols along with a semi auto rifle.

    I asked to see the pistols and fell in love with a tarus 9mm revolver unfired and new in the box.

    I have not taken it out yet to shoot but the mystery of revolvers shooting the 9mm cartridge has always been so appealing.

    I do not think you will ever reload one quickly but when the weather warms up I will find out.

    The 9mm revolver, never thought I would buy one.

    Now the big question, is it a good trader?? Could I trade up to something I would like better???

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by ohio pat View Post
    I asked to see the pistols and fell in love with a tarus 9mm revolver unfired and new in the box.

    Now the big question, is it a good trader?? Could I trade up to something I would like better???
    I can say that they're quite hard to find. I was looking for one last year, and everyplace that listed it was out of stock and not expecting to see more for over a year. One place searched around and after a few months was able to come up with one for me.

    Whether that means there's a lot of demand, or if nobody's interested in them so they don't make many, I can't say. :-)

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