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Thread: What caliber handguns are authorized by your ccw permit?

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    No restrictions in Iowa.

  3. Thumbs up AR no limit

    Quote Originally Posted by Wetsuit View Post
    Arkansas has no caliber restriction that I have heard of
    Arkansas is concealed carry only with no caliber limits.

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    In Oklahoma, you can carry from .22 to .45 caliber.

  5. No restrictions in Texas that i'm aware of.

  6. I guess what I meant regarding pocket guns are smaller semi auto and revolvers such as 22, 25, 32, 380 nothing less than a 9 mm. Oh, also no derringers allow I know they make 45 cal derringers but derringers are not authorized to be carried. Welcome to California. I think although the 380 is very similar to the 9 mm, it does not have the same energy for knock down power. I have a Walther PPK 380 also as a back up and they took that off the list too. Sad to see how these restrictions discourages people from having a CCW. My Glock 22 and 27 are not the best conceal weapon but they are more affective if I need some fire power.

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    Cool CCW Permit Restrictions...

    Here in Missouri, you are not limited by caliber or size of weapon, just as long as you can keep it concealed from the general public's view/recognition.

    BTW, usually, when there is a restriction of "...9mm or larger..." it excludes the .380ACP (9mm Kurz/Short) and .32ACP (7.62 Browning), which is a law or definition within the law that I would be getting my state representatives and state senators to remove.
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    No limitations in Michigan

    No limitations in Michigan...
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  9. No restrictions in VA...if you can conceal it, you can carry it.

  10. Any caliber as long as you have a CCW in Colorado .

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    No limits in Colorado
    Dacono CO
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