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    Advanced class

    The local range is offering an advanced firearm class called [B]Intro to defensive 3-gun[B].This class will be put on by Sigarms academy and taught by Sigarms instructors. My question is, Have any of you taken a class put on by Sigarms, and would you say that it was money well spent? Thanks in advance for your input.

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    You don't say how much it costs, so if it's a good deal we have no idea. Any training is better than none.
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    The class is $395, according to the Sig site it said to bring

    Shotgun with 50 rounds of 00, 50 rounds rifled slug, 50 rounds bird shot
    Rifle/carbine with 300 rounds
    Handgun with 500 rounds

    The abstract said it is designed to introduce limitations,tactics, and integration of combined platforms into a sound defensive strategy.Fundamental handling skills, immediate action and unconventional shooting techniques

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