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    Had to replace the back patio door (kitchen/dining room into the yard) with a "slider" and less lockability than we had previously (French door outer-opener with full locks). It's a money thing and insurance will probably not pay for the replacement, so we're out two grand.

    Ideas on how to secure it better than just a dowel in the left-side track?

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    You can drill thru the inside door and most of the way thru the outside door (top and bottom). Install a couple of 1/4" pins.

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    They actually make a pin kit.

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    Go to your local home improvement center. Excellent auxillary locking devices for sliders are available and inexpensive.

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    Securing a sliding door could be a problem. I do not have one so I have never had to do what you are doing.

    I agree with one of the posts that mentioned going to a home depot or lowes and getting suggestions there.

    Have you thought about some advice from your local locksmith?

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    3M fragment retention window film.

    Something else too think about. There are many types of film that can
    be added too windows/glass doors that make them harder to break and
    It is expensive but if they really want in they will just bust the glass.

    We have two full 8 foot patio doors that were replaced when we did
    replacement windows and doors.

    Treated patio doors were almost $3000 each.

    The doors have the center lock plus locking pins at the top and bottom
    built into the doors.

    I have no idea what just adding a film would cost but a good window company could tell you.

    It still won't stop them but it sure will slow them down plus make a lot of
    noise getting in.

    Before I retired I saw the tests on window film and other stuff that was added
    too the mainframe computer room and floor when they got ready
    for possible Y2K problems.

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