Feb 14 Anniversary of Patent for the 1911
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Thread: Feb 14 Anniversary of Patent for the 1911

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    Feb 14 Anniversary of Patent for the 1911

    So, a friend told me that today is the 100'th birthday for the patent being issued for Browning's 1911.

    Makes me wish I could go out and get another one. Hey, maybe even an Ed Brown...okay okay, I will "settle" for a Colt.

    To celebrate I suggested to my dear wife we spend it at the range going through a box or 3 of ammo....needless to say, her dinner plans won out. :( :)

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    ya im not eating any candy today. Im cleaning my gun

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    last night my husband asked what ring size I wore and I'm thinking your a little late. lol But answered I'm not sure, and I don't want another ring. i want another gun. He just starting laughing......

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