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    Does anyone know if the law that states that police officers who are not NJ state troopers cannot carry hollow points in their firearms has been changed to that we can carry hollow points in NJ ? Thanks

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    I believe as of Oct 2010 you are covered under LEOSA http://www.fop.net/legislative/issue...8/hr218faq.pdf
    From FAQs on link provided.
    However, recent amendments to the Federal law do extend the exemption to allow the carriage of ammunition “not expressly prohibited by Federal law or subject to the provisions of the National Firearms Act.” This means that qualified active and retired law enforcement officers may carry ammunition in States which may have prohibited the possession of certain ammunition by persons not actively serving in law enforcement within that State.

  4. Thank you very much. I will pass this along.

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    No problem...NJ's Ass Clowns don't know FMJ's will travel further and go through S#!?...just like they don't know if criminals want to cause havoc they just need a 12Ga pump w/00...not "assault style" Black guns and High Cap mags.

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