Has anyone purchased the new HiPoint 4595?
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Thread: Has anyone purchased the new HiPoint 4595?

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    Has anyone purchased the new HiPoint 4595?

    Well finally Hi Point guns has come true to their word they have started saleing the 4595 carbine. Has anyone bought one yet. If you have do you have anything negative or pos. to say about it?

  3. I have the HyPoint in both .45 and 9mm. I spent 21 years in the Army carrying everything that fired a round. With the exception of small number of rounds in the magazines and of course lack of auto, I would carry either into combat.

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    Ranger, the poster was asking about the new CARBINE that they came out with, not about one of the pistols.....

    I have not seen one of them in person yet, but if it is anything at all like the 995st, it will be a hoot to shoot! (I have one of those)

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    Hi Point 4595

    Here is my 4595. I have shot about 300 rounds through it without any issues. I had it sighted in at 50 yards and it is dead on. I love this gun!
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    Do you own any other HP products?

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