is it a sub2000 or tec9
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Thread: is it a sub2000 or tec9

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    is it a sub2000 or tec9

    i was on the computer the other day and kinda 1/2 watching one of those SWAT shows..they made a bust on some home..they wernt too impressed that they only found a bag of weed but continued their search...then one SWAT started yellin "yeaaahh we got him now" and all the leo's went into this bedroom and showed that they discovered KELTEC sub 2000...the SWAT member was talking into the camera saying that the gun they found was a TEC-9 machine gun..i dont recall what state this was in and maybe they have a mag capacity law or something else that may have been illegal with this weapon...but i dont understand how he could have thought a sub 2000 was a TEC9...not even close..and i dont know if the sub 2000 can be full auto but doesnt look like they even looked to see if it was..and is a tec 9 considered a "machine gun" ?

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    Kel-tec sub-2000 is a rifle that folds in half. The Tec-9 is a semi-auto pistol, albeit a rather large one. Without knowing more about the scene I cannot tell you what they were talking about.

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    provide a link to this show.....

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    will look for it

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