Detroit pizza delivery guy shoots would-be robber
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Thread: Detroit pizza delivery guy shoots would-be robber

  1. Detroit pizza delivery guy shoots would-be robber

    Detroit pizza delivery guy shoots would-be robber. Another one for the good guys.

    Cops: Detroit pizza delivery man shoots, kills alleged robber | Detroit Free Press |

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    This is good. I hope it will do the first one of the two things I can see happing.

    !. Cause robbers to think twice about robbing people out of fear of being shot by their armed victim.

    2. It could cause robbers to shot their victims first before robbing them.

    I am hoping that the robbers have enough smarts to realize that by doing that they up the amount of jail time they will be facing when or if they are caught. But if they where worried about jail time I think that they would have chosen a different carer path.

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    This is a man who used his most valuable asset which is his brain to properly use his gun. Nice shooting and score one for the good guys.

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    pizza delivery

    If the pizza guy needs more ammo give me his address.

    Another one for the good guy.

    If he delivers to Ohio send me his menu.

    He lived to go home--- that is what it is all about, live for another day.

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    Pizza delivery can be a dangerous occupation. IMHO all pizza drivers should carry.

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    I would not want to be a pizza delivery, or a convenience store clerk among a few others - gun or no.
    And in Detroit everyone should probably be armed

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    I like nice endings, we need to hear more self defense incidents ...............Being a foodie though, just wondering what happened to the Pie?
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