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  1. target shoot in nat. forest

    i will be camping in the white mountain national forest this year.does anybody know if is leagle to target shoot in a national forest.

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    Though hunting is allowed in many part of National Forest lands during the corresponding hunting seasons, I think there are definite limits on other firearms use for other purposes (e.g. target shooting) and proximity to roads, campgrounds, etc..
    White Mountain National Forest- Recreational Activities
    Best to check with the fish & game department in the state(s) this park is in. The links to those are also list at this Forest Service site.

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    Yes, you should check ahead, and get a specific citation to a specific regulation, or at least an official website address stating clearly what the rules are. Don't just take a phone call or email response saying 'yes" or "no".

    go here for contacts:

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