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    I bought my Kimber used, and saved about $150. It had only had about a hundred rounds put through it and for the life of me, can't figure out why the other guy didn't like it.
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    I have read good things about the Rock Island 1911s. I have an Auto Ordnance I have been quit pleased with.

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    I agree a Used Kimber from a trustworthy source would be worth it or a new base model springer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmySoldier View Post
    Hey guys, ArmySoldier here. I was just looking for some input. I have a buddy in the navy (honest mistake) that I work with who is dying to get a 1911. However his wife is limiting the budget. I suggested a Kimber but was looking for some more options before I drag him to the couple of guns stores. Which are few and far between up here in northwest Maryland.
    www.gunbroker.com has some good deals too. I've never searched for a 1911 on there, but I'm sure the have them. The only downside to Gunbroker is that you have to pay an FFL usually around $25 to do the transfer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    I have read good things about the Rock Island 1911s. I have an Auto Ordnance I have been quit pleased with.
    Rock Island 1911 is probably the best for the money. A little TLC, a ramp job, a trigger job and you can shoot anything you feed it. All Colt parts will fit it so it can be set up any way he likes.
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    The Taurus Pt 1911 comes in blued or stainless not chrome. But it is a nice firearm and several hundered under the kimber.

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    I've got the Taurus and it's really worth the money. It may not be as "cool" as the Kimber, but it's been really reliable. It comes with a lot of standard features that usually add to the price of a gun and I've had absolutely zero problems with it. I'll still buy a Kimber one day, but I won't be getting rid of the Taurus.
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    I would second the motion on Taurus. I don't own a Taurus 1911, but I do own 3 other models. A PT145 Millennium, A 24/7-C Compact 9mm, and a 24/7 OSS 9mm. These are all totally reliable, accurate, and were easy on my pocketbook.

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    boyzoi Guest
    Whats expensive.....you can buy a new Colt and S&W for a bit over $700, a new Springfield or Ruger Phoenix for a bit over $600.

  11. Must know the budget.

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