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    OK, I thought I knew a skoshi bit about the 1911, then I look at all the brand-names that weapon was manufactured by, how much/little it changed, (listed in this thread) still convinced that the 1911 is and prolly will be the basic 'best-in-class' build, design of a side-arm for a long time to come, does any patron know or can list just how many variants of that original design evolved, and are in use today, no long list, a URL/link would work fine. Wiki is not IMHO a great source of all the vendors/makes and hybrids.
    No rush, just curious.


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    I recently bought a RI 1911 and put 100 FMJ and 100JHP thru it with no jams. I am very new to shooting and this is my first firearm and was able to shoot 3 inch groups at 10 yards.

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    Good starter 1911: Charles Daly Field 1911
    All models include: an extended hi-rise beavertail grip safety, combat trigger, combat hammer, beveled magazine well, flared an lowered ejection port, dovetailed front and rear sights and hand checkered double diamond hardwood grips. The EFS (5" 8 shot) and EMS (4" 8 shot) models include snag-free low profile sights, an ambidextrous safety and the EFS has an extended slide release. Two magazines are supplied with each 1911 pistol. There is also the ECS (3" barrel - 6 shot).

    I've put 1000+ rounds through my EFS.

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