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    Hey guys, ArmySoldier here. I was just looking for some input. I have a buddy in the navy (honest mistake) that I work with who is dying to get a 1911. However his wife is limiting the budget. I suggested a Kimber but was looking for some more options before I drag him to the couple of guns stores. Which are few and far between up here in northwest Maryland.

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    Used older Kimber or springer or wilson lots of good old guns out there.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Used older Kimber or springer or wilson lots of good old guns out there.
    See...doesn't that make sense? But no, he has to have a new one. To be honest, I don't think he will ever put more then the first box of 50 through the thing. I guess I need to sit down with him and look online. He doesn't want chrome.

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    I have a buddy in the navy (honest mistake)
    Had to comment... My Best Friend was in the Navy, but I talk to him anyway. Former 11B4X here. Welcome aboard.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Had to comment... My Best Friend was in the Navy, but I talk to him anyway. Former 11B4X here. Welcome aboard.
    I'm in a joint command, so we all make fun of each other. Electronics technician, paratrooper, Special Forces identifier, SERE qualified...and now live the easy life at Camp David.

  7. He may change his mind once he looks at the price tag on some of the 1911s out there. I have to agree. If he is only going to shoot it once (or once in a blue moon) I would talk him into a used one. But if he has his hart set on a new one I would get the Kimber, I have one and it is an outstanding 1911.

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    If he is looking at a budget 1911, I might suggest the Taurus PT 1911.

    It comes in chrome and black and is typically cheaper than Kimber and other known brands - surprisingly, it's quite well made.

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    There are so many 1911 frame weapons out there it's unbelievable. Best thing to do is hit all the gun shops and if any gun shows are in the area take him there. I just bought a Colt MK IV Officers ACP 45 a couple days ago. I found it in a Pawn Shop. It was 98% less than 50 rounds through it. An older gentleman couldn't pull the slide back any more and he traded it in for a J frame wheel gun. I got it for $500 including tax! I've seen guns new in the box that were 98% and mine looks as good as a new one.
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    How Cheap of a Price are we talking? I own a Rock Island Armory Government model. It has Iron Sights and will only shoot FMJ's. I paid about $400. for it. That was a few years ago. I know that the newer models come with or without fixed sights now. gives a little more info than I can.

  11. Tell your friend that if he buys buys a quality used gun he is going to be gettting more bang for his buck.

    I have bought several used guns over the years most have not been fired very much at all and in some cases they are like a new gun.

    Also a quality gun is like a well made car it is designed to last a long time. However the re-sale value soes go down after the first owner just like a used car. However unlike a used car most people do not put very many rounds through their guns so it is really a much better deal.

    I would take a quality used gun over a cheap new one anytime.
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