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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Super Tuck Deluxe, Right Hand, Cowhide Black, Beretta 92/96, no combat cut, no velcro, Yes on 'J' clips.

    Looking forward to receiving my new holster!

  3. super tuck deluxe

    right hand draw super tuck delux for a 5906 or glock 26. Retired Deputy Sheriff now but the Smith and Wesson 5906 was my duty weapon and still is my comfort weapon. Glock 26 was my off duty carry slash back up and also just got used to firing and carrying it.

  4. I would pick the super tuck deluxe for my Ruger SP 101. It's my regular carry gun and I need a way to conceal a little deeper for warm weather.

  5. Right handed Crossbreed MiniTuck Horsehide for my Kel-Tec PF9. I already have a Supertuck for my XD-40 and love it! Great giveaway!

  6. My choice is the Supertuck Deluxe...

    Hi there,
    I have been a long-time gun owner but not active since my childhood. My father was an avid hunter and had a 7mm Mauser and a 30-06 for deer hunting in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I used to watch him clean his rifles when I was young but I never had a chance to hunt with him because he died from heart failure while doing what he loved... hunting...

    I was a boy scout and earned my marksman badges shooting .22LR and have a nice German-made lever-action .22 rifle with a walnut stock. I also have my father's 12 gauge single-shot shotgun and an 8-cylinder .22 target revolver. All of them are in storage for the moment.

    I currently reside in New Mexico teaching at Navajo Technical College located in Crownpoint, NM. I've recently decided to purchase a semi-auto handgun for self-defense and get back into shooting as a recreation. In researching which handgun to purchase I've been educating myself on the gun-control/2nd amendment struggle that I've been unaware of since my childhood. When my mother purchased the lever-action rifle for me all we had to do was walk in to the local hardware store, take the gun off the shelf, pay the proprietor, and go home. Certainly much different than today. Now I have to submit fingerprints and ask permission to carry.

    In making my choice of handgun I narrowed my choice down to a S&W SD9, a Glock 19, or a Springfield XD9. I chose a G19 Gen4 mostly out of expediency because the dealer didn't have the other two in stock when I went to make a purchase. While I'm finalizing the purchase I've been looking into a holster to exercise my constitutional rights. I'm certainly not going to keep it locked away. I will be "packing" because a self-defense weapon is totally useless unless you have it immediately available.

    I was overwhelmed with the many choices in holsters but eventually settled on an IWB style and was looking at the offerings by Galco, Nighthawk, Fobus, among others. When I came across your site and saw the Crossbreed SuperTuck I thought it wouldn't hurt to participate in your giveaway. It looks very comfortable and, without further information, looks like it would work very well with my soon-to-be-owned G19.

    I hope I'm lucky enough to be chosen... Here's hoping!

  7. I'd like a CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe, right handed, horse hide, for the new Ruger LC9 that I'm going to buy. I have Super Tuck Deluxes for my G26, SP101, and S&W 642. Love 'em all, the guns and the holsters.

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    I'd like the right handed one for the ruger lcp. Looks like a fine set of different choice holsters your giving away!!

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    Mini tuck for me and my LCP, I need the mini for conceal because i have to go to dialysis 3xs a week and i never want to be without it especially on those 3 days a week when i am (and i hate to say it) "vulnerable" especially after the session ends.... i am depleated...

  10. The right hand super tuck for a s&w j frame. I have 2 of these guns and no holsters.

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    The Super tuck looks great

    Although I would love to carry my Cougar 9mm is a handful and I haven't found a holster that allows me to carry it. So my next smallest is my Makarov. I love it but rather carry the Cougar. The Super Tuck looks like it just might work.


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