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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Crossbreed Holster for Bersa Thunder 380 would be excellent. Everybody I've talked to says they are the best

  3. The Super tuck deluxe in RH for a Glock 23 would be just the cat's pajamas!

  4. I'd love to have one of their OWB holsters (Open Carry is legal here in Nevada), but if I had to pick a concealed holster it would be the Supertuck Deluxe in Horsehide w/J-clips for a XDm.

  5. Smile

    Super Tuck, right hand, Sig 229 w/rail. I don't have a concealable holster for this gun yet and this one would be awesome.

  6. Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway

    If I win, my holster of choice would be for a 1911 with rail.

  7. Def. a black Supertuck Left Hander for a Sig 220/245

  8. The Crossbreed SuperTuck deluxe, cowhide black, right hand for Springfield XD 40 subcompact. This looks like it would be great for summer carry. Good luck to everyone. Love this site. Thanks Luke.

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    I would like to have the Crossbreed Super Tuck, right handed for a Springfield XD 9mm

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    I like the looks of the supertuck deluxe, too.

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    I would like to agree with the selection of the Super Tuck Deluxe, but I have serious questions.
    I have a tucker IWB now; but with all the recommendations by Tim for the Super Tuck deluxe, I would really like to put it to the test. I carry all the time and my Kimber Pro Carry in my present Tucker IWB is undetectable, even when wearing only a t-shirt and is really comfortable!
    Can a holster can be more functional and comfortable than my Tucker IWB!!! Will the Super Tuck measure up? I would like to find out and honestly answer that question!
    I’d like to try a Super Tuck deluxe w/ combat cutout for a 1911 but specifically a Kimber Crimson Trace Pro Carry II.
    Want an honest un-biased comparison?
    I’ll give one, because I ‘am only loyal to one Person! That person is Jesus The Messiah!! Vote for me and I’ll "Get er done!"
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