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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    A left hand SuperTuck Deluxe in Natual Horsehide for the

    Need the Natural Horse Hide as the black is likely to bleed color in the environment I live/carry in
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    Thumbs up Concealed Carry Holster Give-Away

    I would like the CrossBreed SUper Tuck Deluxe for my Ruger sr9c, my full size 1911, my XD 45 4 inch, or my Glock 23. I just can't decide!!! I am 6'2" and 380 lbs. but will be getting much needed weight reducing surgery this June!!!

  4. The SuperSlide RH would do me fine since I already have the SuperTuck Deluxe!!! Thanks alot USA Carry....... MK

  5. Got to go with the IWB Super Tuck Deluxe for my SR9c. Would like to see if it's more comfortable that what I already have.

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    I would like a right hand super tuck for a s&w 3913, maybe this will keep the old mans pants from falling down

  7. Holster give away

    My choice is the super tuck right hand version.

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    Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe, horsehide, S&W M&P compact.

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  9. Consealed carry holster

    I prefer the right hand Super Tuck for my Springfileld XD Compact. It conseals it well and looks very comfortable.

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    Super tuck deluxe for Sprinfield XD

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    Question Want the truth and an un-bias report?

    I would like to agree with the selection of the Super Tuck Deluxe, but I have serious questions.
    I have a tucker IWB now; but with all the recommendations by Tim for the Super Tuck deluxe, I would really like to put it to the test. I carry all the time and my Kimber Pro Carry in my present Tucker IWB is undetectable, even when wearing only a t-shirt and is really comfortable!
    Can a holster can be more functional and comfortable than my Tucker IWB!!! Will the Super Tuck measure up? I would like to find out and honestly answer that question!
    Iíd like to try a Super Tuck deluxe w/ combat cutout for a 1911 but specifically a Kimber Crimson Trace Pro Carry II.
    Want an honest un-biased comparison?
    Iíll give one, because I Ďam only loyal to one Person! That person is Jesus The Messiah!! Vote for me and Iíll "Get er done!"

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