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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Summer is coming (I hope!) and the Super Tuck Deluxe, right hand draw, for my Glock 19 would be ideal!

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    My choice would be a Crossbreeed tuckable deluxe, for an HK45C RH shooter.

    The reason why I choose this holster is besause HK's are generally large guns. With the warmer weather coming this holster would offer deep concealment with only having to wear an opaque colored "tee" shirt.

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    I like the SuperTuck Deluxe! Looks and feels good. My friend has one.

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    a SuperTuck Deluxe would be A W E S O M E for me and a P250

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    This is the best holster ever!!

    I would pick the right handed Supertuck Deluxe in Horsehide with battle cut for the Glock 19.

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    crosbreed supertuck

    GREAT holsters!!
    I just went back to a full size 1911 in 45 ACP. I carried a Sig in a 9 MM for quite a while but could not get next to the DAO trigger. When I carried a 1911 before I used the super tuck and it was with out a doubt the most comfortable holster that I have ever used.


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    Smile Crossbreed holster... The best!

    Okay, I do have a Crossbreed already, but wouldn't mind another one. Here is what I would like, if I win... DUAL IWB mag carrier in cowhide black for a 45 single stack. I'm changing this from a SuperTuck Deluxe, Right handed, horsehide natural, for a Taurus 1911. Unless it has to be a holster... :-)

    The SuperTuck I have is the only concealed carry holster I use now. I have bought and tried half a dozen and the Crossbreed is what I settled on as the most comfortable and easiest to draw from and re-holster to. Bar none.
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    Nice! I already have a SuperTuck, and I love it.

    So I'd have to go with a Bedside Backup, right hand, for a Springfield XD 45, 4" compact.

    I've been wanting one of those, so I can stop keeping it in a drawer next to my bed at night.

    Here's to hoping I win

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    I love my Super Tuck Deluxe for my Springfield XD-9 sub-compact, but sometimes an even smaller back-up fits the bill better. I'd say one of those Mini-Tucks (right hand) for my Keltec P3AT would be just the ticket!

  11. SuperTuck Deluxe, right hand, horsehide (it gets hot in Fresno!), for my Glock 26. I want it because I haven't got any holster at the moment, and this one is reported to be one of the best and most comfortable!

    Awesome contest, thank you!

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